Before our travelers even step onto the bus or the plane, we go through the 7 Step Pre-Travel Medical Emergency Procedure to be as proactive as possible:

  1. We establish relationships and work with hotel/travel partners with exemplary safety protocols
  2. We review all medical procedures with on-site medical professionals
  3. Traveler fills out medical condition form
  4. Our team reviews every medical condition form response
  5. Escalated medical conditions receive a follow up from a Breakaway Beach Destination Team member to ensure travel is the best option for student
  6. On-site coordinators are debriefed on travelers with medical conditions on their program
  7. Coordinators meet with travelers with medical conditions upon arrival to destination and review emergency procedures

On-Site Medical Procedure

In the event that there is a medical emergency in destination, one of our Team Members will be with the traveler as soon as possible until the situation has stabilized and the traveler returns to the hotel.

Below you will find our standards and steps that our Destination Team will follow to make sure we are doing whatever we can to handle the situation properly:

  1. Get immediate medical attention for the traveler
  2. Contact parent or guardian and notify of situation
  3. Contact Breakaway Beach head office and notify of situation
  4. Contact insurance partner to start claim file
  5. Communicate any updated information from doctor to parent or guardian (ongoing)
  6. If necessary, help make travel arrangements for parent/guardian to destination
  7. Once stabilized, find suitable transportation back to hotel
  8. Continue checking on traveler throughout the trip and help them whenever needed

Medical Experience

We have extensive experience in traveling students with existing medical conditions. No one should miss out on their trip of a lifetime.

  • Over 2000 medical condition forms are filled out every year by our travelers
  • 10% of travelers have an allergy
  • 5% of travelers have asthma
  • 1% of travelers have a severe medical condition
  • We have experience traveling students in wheelchairs
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