Once you arrive to your hotel, one of the first things that will happen is your Hotel Coordinator will meet with the group to go over what is expected of each traveler and how to navigate around the area.

Travelers will then be called to the front of the bus, room by room, to collect your room keys and one Room Damage Report Form. 

You will proceed into the bag check area of your hotel. While here, hotel security personnel will ask you to open your bag to complete a quick, but thorough, examination. Once you are cleared, you and your roommates can head to your rooms to fill out the Room Damage Report Form.

When you get to your room, you'll need to do a full walk through, reviewing everything and noting any pre-existing damages that the room may have. This form must be returned to the Breakaway Tours info desk within 20 minutes of check-in to the hotel.

Upon check-out, or any discovery of damages, we will reference this form to make sure you are not paying for anything that you did not cause. 

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