If you signed up under the wrong trip code, or if you have friends on a different trip and would rather travel with their group, just let us know, and we should be able to switch you to their group!

Send us a message with your first and last name, passenger code, what school you want to switch to, and who you want your new roommates to be, and we can put in the request to make the switch asap!

It is important that your newly requested roommates go to their online profiles and also make a request to have you in their room. If the request is not mutual in our system, your request will be denied.

Although we do our best to approve all group switches, they are on a request basis with our suppliers.

If the trip is past the final balance date or has been moved to waitlist, unfortunately we may no longer be able to complete a group switch request.


We do not transfer payments from one traveler booking to another traveler. 

If you cancel your trip and receive Trip Dollars, you are able to use them on another trip for yourself or a sibling within the limitations of our Terms and Conditions.

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