After missing one monthly installment, your status will be adjusted to Overdue. At that point, your spot on the trip is still secure, however, the missed payment must be made before the next scheduled payment date you have in order to keep a secured spot on the trip. Just log on to your profile as soon as possible to process the payment.


If you miss two or more payments, your status will be changed to Pending which means you no longer have a spot on the trip.

As long as there is still space available on the trip once you catch up with your missed payments, your trip status will become Active again. 

If the trip has changed to Waitlist, the trip has sold out, so you would need to join the waitlist in order to get a spot back on the trip. Review the article here for more details about the waitlist.


Fell into Overdue because you need a custom payment schedule? Not a problem! If the payment schedule doesn't work for you, chat with our Help Desk from our website or My Profile or send an email to and we can work with you.

The best way to ensure you never miss a payment is to have an active credit card on file and authorize 'Autopay' so that your payments come out automatically each month. 

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