The only form we require from parents if the traveler is under the age of 18 is the  Breakaway Guidelines form. This form can be found on both your online profile and our website

We strongly recommend that every traveler and their parent/guardian sit down and read through the FULL document together and have a discussion surrounding expectations and behavior while on our trip. 

Breakaway Bus

Before each traveler boards the bus they will be asked for this form by their Bus Captain. If a traveler is under the age of 18 and does not have a parent/guardian's signature on the form, we will not allow them to travel with us.

Breakaway Beach

The Breakaway Guidelines form must be signed and handed to the Breakaway destination team member  when you check in at the airport or meet up with them for your international flight.

As we are travelling as a group, the destination team member will have a copy of the registration and contact information for all travellers in their group and would provide this, upon request, to the relevant border agency.

When there are issues of custody dispute and permission to travel is in doubt, Breakaway Tours would require a letter of permission to travel from the parent who currently has custody (or both parents when custody is shared). Generally this document would need to be carried by the traveler and would be asked from them during the time they go through customs and show their passport.

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