Breakaway Bus

Each traveler on one of our bus trips is allowed one personal item on the bus, like a backpack or purse, and one piece of luggage that will go under the bus.

There are no size restrictions to the bags, however we do have to fit the luggage of about 52 passengers underneath the bus, so please pack with this in mind.

**If you are going on a ski trip and want to take your own equipment, this bag does not count as your allotted luggage bag. In this case you would be able to put your equipment in one bag and everything else you need in another. If you can fit it all into one bag, even better!

Tip: Always label your bags, including your ski equipment. Often times luggage is placed into a holding room during the time between check out and the time the bus leaves. We want to make sure everyone grabs the correct luggage when they leave and there are no mix ups! Breakaway Tours is not responsible for lost/stolen luggage or if you leave it behind at the hotel.


Breakaway Beach

The baggage requirements will vary depending on the airline you're travelling with. You can review the airline's baggage allowance page by clicking the Baggage Requirements link listed underneath your flight itinerary. The information will also be listed on your e-ticket that will be uploaded to the Documents section about 1-2 weeks prior to your trip's departure.

Remember baggage is not included in the price of your trip, and you will be responsible for paying any associated fees at the airport.

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