Breakaway Bus

Meals are not included on Breakaway Bus trips. Depending on the dietary needs of each traveler, we generally recommend bringing $30-$40 per day for food.

Tip:  To cut down on the cost of food, we recommend packing snack foods like granola bars or fruit snacks for when you need a quick bite!

Not every room comes equipped with a fridge/kitchenette so we do not recommend bringing foods that could go bad at room temperature or that require a stove, oven, or microwave.

**Mont Tremblant Trips will make a quick pit stop at the Metro Grocery store outside of the village giving our travelers the opportunity to grab some groceries**


Breakaway Beach

Meals, drinks, and snacks are included with your travel package.

At an all-inclusive resort there are usually 3 types of dining options.

  1. Buffet
  2. A La Carte 
  3. Grill/Snack bar

Buffet dining will be the most common form of meals for the group. There are many options available each meal and there will often be vegetarian, local, and international options. Reservations are generally not required and they have long hours for each meal service ie. Breakfast from 7am - 10am, Lunch 11am-3pm and Dinner 5pm-9pm.

A La Carte options will generally be a certain type of dining with a specific menu (seafood, Italian, steak house, etc.). Not all options will be available each night. Due to the limited seating, reservations are normally required. The hotel may limit the number of reservations allowed per week (ex. each guest may reserve 3 meals per week). A dress code may be required for these restaurants as they tend to be a bit fancier than the buffet.

Grill/Snack bar
Each resort will also a snack bar/grill with multiple food options. These will usually consist of hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, pizza, fish and chips etc. Normally they are spread out around the property and each will have different hours and days available. There is no additional cost for these and seating is open. Most of the time our travelers take this option during lunch time so they can grab a quick bite without having to go back to their room to change out of their swimsuit.

Note: All inclusive food and drinks are included, but restaurants are not typically open 24/7.

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