Travelers are required to sign in with our Breakaway leaders three times per day: once in the morning, again in the afternoon, and the final sign in time at night before travelers head to bed.  This way we can check in with each of our travelers and make sure all is well. It is also the time where we remind travelers what is going on for the day and review the times the buses will leave for daily excursions and/or off-resort night events.

Each traveler must present themselves at the Info Desk to sign in, and they cannot have a friend or roommate sign in on their behalf.

If a traveler misses two or more sign ins, they will have a meeting with our Breakaway Leader to discuss, and a phone call home to their parents will be made.

The final sign-in coincides with quiet hours at the hotel beginning at 10:00pm and all travelers must have completed final sign-in after the evening events and before 1:00am. They will need to go back to their rooms at that time, and cannot be roaming around the hotel.

Quiet hours at the hotel are from 10:00pm to 7:00am. We ask our travelers to be mindful of the other guests staying in the hotel and to keep noise at a respectable level at all times.

For more details, feel free to review the Breakaway Traveler Guidelines.

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