The amount of spending money varies based on each traveler. This is an all-inclusive holiday so all meals, snacks, and drinks are covered in the cost of the trip.

It is best to bring cash on your trip and add excursions or extra night events prior to departure. We do not recommend pre-paid credit cards as they do not always work. Debit cards with 4 digit pin numbers will usually work but ATM's may be sparse.

You can pre-pay for excursions/night events on My Profile up to two weeks prior to the trip departure to help cut down on the amount of cash you need to bring on the trip.

Travelers should bring extra spending money for souvenirs, snacks or meals they might want to get at the airport or from the resort store, along with snacks and drinks purchased at the off-resort excursions or night events, as well as for the items listed below.

The baggage fee and baggage restriction information is usually on your e-ticket. This information is also available on the airlines website under Baggage Allowance.

Entrance/exit fees: Depending on  your destination, additional entrance/exit fees may be required. Review the information here for your specific destination.

Room damage deposit/protection plan: Each traveler is required to pay a room damage deposit of $20 USD or a room damage protection plan of $60 USD. Review the article here for more information.

Wifi: The availability of wifi depends on your destination and there may be a small fee for the week. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the resort's website for cost information. Feel free to contact us if you are not able to find the price.

Tipping: Please note that, although tipping at an all-inclusive resort is not mandatory (and you should only tip if YOU want to), you may find that it helps you during your stay. If you received great service from a server, bell hop, chamber maid, driver, etc., a couple of dollars in appreciation will be remembered and you may find your towels a bit fluffier, your room cleaned a bit earlier, and things going a bit smoother in general.

Students typically tip about $1-$2 USD for each service. Hotel maids are often tipped $2 per day per person. Tipping is at the discretion of the student and given for exceptional service.

In many of the Caribbean destinations, hotel staff also appreciate gifts from Canada/US. Items such as kids toys, school supplies, feminine hygiene products, Canadian or American souvenirs, and/or clothing are often appreciated as some of these items are either very expensive or unavailable for purchase locally.

Safes: Safes are available in every room on our trips typically for an additional cost. Prices can be reviewed on the hotel website, but may be subject to change. Safes are optional but highly recommended.

Keep in mind passengers are responsible for their own passports for the duration of the trip.

Clinic Visits & Medical Expenses: All travelers are covered under the included Classic Youth Medical Travel Plan, however travelers need to pay for any medical expenses upfront. You will need to complete the insurance claim to be reimbursed through the insurance company upon your return for all medical costs including but not limited to: medication, treatment, medical examination, and transportation to and from the clinic and/or hospital.

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