A room damage deposit or payment is collected from all passengers while on the trip prior to check in at the hotel. All passengers are required to purchase either a non-refundable room damage protection plan for $20 USD or provide a refundable room damage deposit for $60 USD.


All of the travelers in the room have to agree on paying for the same plan.

Upon check-in, the travellers will receive a Room Damage Report form and will be asked to review their room for any pre-existing damages. They will report any damages on this form, and return it to our Breakaway Leaders immediately. This form is to help prevent our travellers from being charged for any damages that they did not cause.

If the travellers do not sign and return this form, they will be held responsible for the state of the room when they check out regardless of it there was previous damages in the room.


Damage Protection Plan - $20 USD per person.

The damage protection plan is non-refundable, and it covers accidental damages that occur in your room throughout your trip.  Please let our staff know right away if there are any damages in your room. 

If you have damages over this amount that are deemed intentional or malicious by the hotel, you will be responsible for paying for the damages as the $20 will not cover it.

Damage Deposit - $60 USD per person.

This is a deposit for incidentals that is required by the hotel. If a damage occurs in your room, accidental or not, your room is responsible for paying the full price to replace or repair the item. So for example – if you break a lamp, the hotel could charge you their full cost to repair or to replace the lamp. That could mean the hotel could bill you anywhere from $100-$160, or more!
If there are no damages or incidentals in your room, you will receive your deposit back upon check-out after your room has been inspected by the hotel staff.


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