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Since you are travelling within Canada, a passport is not required for your trip, however, you will need to bring a valid form of photo ID to get onto the bus. This could be a driver's license or a student ID card - as long as it has your name and your picture, it will work!


Breakaway Beach

A valid passport is required for all destinations that our Breakaway Beach trips travel to. 

A passport is the best and most easily recognized form of identification for travel to another country. This is a requirement, not only for our travelers, but for everyone who would like to travel to an international destination.

We strongly recommend that your passport be valid for at least six months, (and definitely for at least one month) AFTER your scheduled return date home. Every country has their own requirements, however, six months is the international standard. 

For example, if a trip is scheduled to return to Canada on March 19th, the passport should be valid until Sept 19th.

Although this is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended as invalid passports may cause problems that delay or even deny your access to your destination.

If you are unsure if your passport is going to be valid long enough after your scheduled return date, we recommend contacting that country's specific embassy to confirm there won't be any issues.

We’ll do our best to help out, but each country has the final say on entry requirements.

Passport from another country? 

If you are not travelling with a Canadian or US passport, it is your responsibility to review the restrictions for the country you are scheduled to travel to. All of the requirements listed are based on the departure country (ie. Canada or the US).

Remember to bring your Permanent Resident Card or your Green Card with you on your trip so you don't have any issues returning back to Canada or the US when the trip is over.


Wondering about Visa requirements? Check out the information here: Do I Need a Travel Visa?

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