We are always looking for feedback surrounding our trips. If you have something to say about your Breakaway Trip, please email us at info@breakawaytours.com and we will make sure it is seen by the appropriate people. Your feedback is always appreciated!
You can also leave us a review on Google & Facebook.

Have some concerns about a trip that you just got back from?  In destination we urge passengers to talk with our Breakaway Leaders to make sure that any issues are resolved asap and you can enjoy your trip. This is something that we talk about in every single briefing speech to make sure all of our travelers and Breakaway Leaders are on the same page.

If a problem cannot be resolved, please forward the specifics of the incident in writing to Breakaway Tours within ten [10] days of returning from the trip. Failing to do so will preclude a passenger from pursuing a claim.

If complaints are in relation to the hotel or tour operator, please send your feedback directly to their customer service department using the online form located on the hotel/tour operator website. We do however appreciate you passing the feedback to us as well so that we can include it in our debriefing after the program ends.

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