If a traveler has allergies, the first step should be to fill out the medical condition section on My Profile. Please be specific and provide as much details as possible!

The Breakaway leader travelling with each group will receive an updated passenger list with all of the medical conditions, allergies, etc.

The program director will also receive this information, and we highly encourage the traveller to introduce themselves, both to the Breakaway Leader traveling with the group and the program director when they arrive to the hotel so that they can put a face to the name, and they can discuss where the traveler will keep their epipen throughout the trip.


For Breakaway Beach trips, the Leaders will notify the hotel of any serious concerns and will speak with the catering staff on behalf of the traveler in destination.

Despite these actions it is still the traveler's responsibility to be aware of their allergies and what is being offered to them. 

Food preparation and servings may not be labelled properly or to North American standards. The staff serving may not speak English to a standard that can guarantee full understanding.

When in doubt they should ask a Breakaway Leader or hotel staff to assist them. While being cautious is advised, there are generally enough food options to ensure every student is well fed.


A great suggestion would be to print out a tiny card in the local language explaining the allergy that they could provide to all food servers.

This card can be purchased through Allergy Translations

Here is their website: http://allergytranslation.com/


*Note: Peanuts are expensive in the Caribbean, so resorts rarely (if ever) use products containing peanuts when cooking.

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