Your occupancy may change after registration for the following reasons:

  1. You did not submit a rooming request to us
  2. You did not provide the names of the roommates you want to stay with
  3. You submitted an invalid request (ex. you requested a quad, but only provided one name OR the names you entered do not match any Active passengers on your trip)
  4. The request was not mutual / your roommates did not submit the same request
  5.  One (or more) of your roommates cancelled the trip or fell into Pending status

An email will be sent to you if your occupancy changes at any point, and your price will be adjusted accordingly.

If this happens, review your current roommates on My Profile and submit a new request

If it is past the deadline, or you do not have another traveler to join your room, you will be responsible for paying the occupancy price difference.

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