We strongly recommend passports be valid for six months (and definitely need to be for at least one month) past the expected date of return.

Example: If your trip is over the summer and is scheduled to return on June 19th, your passport ideally should be valid until  December 19th of the same year and definitely should be valid until at least July 19th.

Although this is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended as invalid passports may cause problems that delay or even deny your access to your destination.

If you need to update your passport details after the deadline, there is a fee of $150 to correct your name as we have to reissue the ticket.

**Note** If you are in the process of updating or applying for a passport, please enter your current or expired passport information provided that the new passport will be issued with the same name. There is no charge to update your expiry date, issue date or passport number.

Update your passport information by logging in to your "My Profile"

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