While each country we travel to has a different currency, we recommend all travelers bring US currency with them except for when traveling to Cuba. US dollars are widely accepted in all destinations we visit and are more common amongst travelers than local or Canadian currencies. 

Cuba: You can bring Canadian or US Dollars when travelling to Cuba. Both can be exchanged for Cuban Convertible Pesos. We recommend our Canadian travelers bring Canadian and our American travelers bring US dollars to avoid any unnecessary conversion fees.

The Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) is one of two currencies used in Cuba. The Cuban Peso (CUP) is the other Cuban currency to be used by Cubans in Cuba.

When converting Canadian or US Dollars to Cuban Convertible Pesos, Cuba charges an additional 10% bank fee that is not applied to other exchanges. Exchange can be done at the airport or at/near the hotel.

Canadian or US Dollars can be used for tipping and local souvenirs as well.

Just FYI You can't change Cuban money (neither Pesos Cubanos (CUP) nor Pesos Convertibiles (CUC)) outside of Cuba as it is illegal to export it.

Dominican Republic: Resorts in the Dominican accept Dominican Pesos (the local currency) but the American Dollar is wanted and widely accepted. Some hotels will not exchange other currencies, and you will have to do so at a local bank. You will tend to get a better deal when you use American dollars or Pesos with the vendors.

Mexico: Mexico’s national currency is the Mexican Peso. Though some merchants in popular tourist spots will accept the US Dollar or the Canadian Dollar, you should plan to exchange your currency for Pesos either before you arrive in Mexico or at banks, currency exchanges, or automatic teller machines as soon as you arrive. You will receive a better value for your money if you use the local currency. Breakaway Beach Leaders can help you exchange your money.

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